Our Story

It began from a passion for traditional joinery and antique furniture. The whole team is united by the inspiration received from the masterpieces of the well-known furniture makers from the past few centuries.

This passion and ability to provide the design and manufacturing firstly developed to the local word of mouth success, and gradually started to attract the customers from distant areas.

From the one-man business, G&D Kitchens developed into a trustworthy company, with a workshop and showroom based in London. Yes, there were a lot of challenges, sleepless nights, and hard-working days until we managed to become what we are – solid experts in the furniture making field.

We design and manufacture beautiful hand made in-frame kitchens along with other furniture around the house: utility, pantry rooms, walk-in closets, and bathroom cabinetry. Every project is unique: designed, produced, fitted, and finished by us according to the highest standards.  We hope you will see how passionate we are in creating the most elegant furniture in every piece we make.


In G&D we design and manufacture fabulous timber kitchens and other furniture for your needs. The production is based in London, where we have our workshop. All pieces of cabinetry are hand made by skilled cabinet-makers using only finest timber. We cherish the traditional way of joinery; therefore, you can rest assured – our pieces of cabinetry will serve you for decades.

Before your furniture is delivered, we cover all parts with two-pack primer, sand and pre-paint it. Final layers of paint will be applied on site after full cabinetry installation, and this is yet again is done by hand. Why we do this? Well, this is the way to ensure that you are getting the most elegant look possible and all the surfaces are in perfect condition.

When ordering the doors with us, you can choose from a variety of solid brass butt hinges and handles, carefully chosen to match the design of the project including antique brass, silver, bronze, polished nickel, and leather finishes.


1. Design consultation

First of all, we should meet and see what you are dreaming about. If you have your drawings or architectural plans – take it to the meeting, any illustrative images will be a huge benefit too. The minute we understand your wishes, we can start the creative part.

2. Design process

After we discuss all your needs and vision, preferred materials, hardware, finishes, you will receive the calculations of the project costs. If you decide to go ahead with G&D Kitchens we meet again and present you with more detailed information regarding the design, will precisely verify all the measurements and other essential details. Once you are happy with your kitchen design and cost estimate, we will ask for a specified deposit. The minute it is paid we will start preparing detailed drawings, you will get our bits of advice on appliances, work surfaces, hardware, paint colors, etc.

3. Design approval & manufacture

Once the detailed drawings are ready, we will ask for your final approval and start the manufacturing process. At this stage, you will receive the schedule of your project. It usually takes up to eight weeks to manufacture a handcrafted bespoke kitchen. You are welcome to visit our workshop while your kitchen is made there and see how it is going

4. Installation process

Once the kitchen is made, we will send the email you an email informing you about the good news – your kitchen is ready. The installation will start on the date we agree and might take up to three weeks until everything is finished.

If there are stonework surfaces included in the project, these pieces will be prepared only after cabinets have been fitted and we know the exact and final measurements to the fraction of the inch. At the last stage, one of our painters will come and apply the final coat where necessary once the worktops have been fitted.

5. Maintenance & after care

Once the project is completed and signed – off, you will receive detailed recommendations on how to look after your new kitchen. As we are keen to provide the best customer care possible, you should expect our visit in 4-6 months after the installation – we will come to check and make sure that everything is functioning as it should be and you are happy with our final product.